24 April 2008

Batman returns

SpadaConcept's mental Codatronca is actually going to happen. No, really

SpadaConcept's Codatronca

When we saw Ercole Spada's intriguingly named SpadaConcept Codatronca a year ago, we filed it in the 'Hmmm Interesting But They'll Never Make It Will They' drawer of our big concept cabinet.

But we were wrong. Spada is all set to build the Batmobile-esque Codatronca (Italian for 'truncated tail', we're told)... but it won't be cheap. As in £200,000-plus not-cheap.

Spada has teamed up with coachbuilder Castagna - of the slightly scary Aznom fame - to build some 20 copies of the Codatronca, which will be powered by a Corvette-derived seven-litre V8 massaged up to over 600bhp.

We're yet to see any new pictures of the finned wonder, so we can only assume it'll retain that insane three-pronged tail with digital readout. The underpinnings have been nicked off a Corvette Z06, and Spada says the styling is inspired by one of his earlier designs, the 1964 Alfa Giulia TZ. We reckon there's a dose of the Mako Shark Corvette in there, too.

Better move it into the 'So They Say They'll Make It But Will They Really Huh' drawer. We need a rethink on some of these names.


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