12 December 2013

Ride with Stig on the Top Gear test track

Join Stig and a Merc SLS Black for a stunning, interactive 360-degree lap. Hold on tight

If you've ever desired to be strapped to the roof of a brawling supercar as Stig takes it on a lap of the Top Gear test track, today's your lucky day.

With our devilishly clever 360-Degree Interactive Stig Power Lap Immersive Experience (OK, it's a working title), you can now ride along with our white-suited maniac as he wrestles the Mercedes SLS Black on a warm-up lap (yes, he went a lot faster later on...).

Thanks to the miracle of science and witchcraft, you can use your cursor to spin around for a glorious, 360-degree view of every corner, from Gambon and the Hammerhead to the infamously infamous Follow Through. It is faintly nauseous but curiously addictive.

And if you're of an iPad persuasion, you can also download the 360-Degree Immersive Power Lap Stig Interactive Experience, for free, from the App store, allowing you to navigate round the circuit using the gyro from your tablet-device-thingy.

But what you really want to do is download the latest issue of Top Gear magazine for the iPad, which features masses of exclusive video and other interactive goodies like this every single month...

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