01 October 2007

Stuck on you

Upside-down Subaru Impreza transporter highlights, erm, something clever

Subaglue transporter

Upside-down Subaru Imprezas have traditionally been the preserve of over-zealous chav racers or unfortunate ditch-bound farmers.

But, as part of a promotional campaign for the all-new Impreza hatch, Subaru has unveiled a transporter which carries three of the hatchbacks the wrong way up, in a crazy 'mirror image David Copperfield type' stunt.

Called the Subaglue transporter (which, we have to concede, is a damn good name), the inverted cars aim to highlight the Impreza's symmetrical all-wheel drive, rather than potential for messy ditch-inspired flippage.

And, and vehicle transporting goes, it's pretty cool - if likely to result in a few rubbernecking rear-end shunts on the motorway.

However, we have to wonder if it's all part of a cunning ruse to distract punters from the fact that the new Impreza is a bit, well, ugly.

Oh, and if you've just put in an order for an Impreza, you might want to check how high your new ride is sitting on its springs. All that hanging about can't be good for the suspension...

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