Piers Ward 04 June 2013

Top Gear’s 130mph mower lives!

Video: Yes, we’ve fired it up. There are flames. We’re getting excited…

Like Frankenstein and his monster, Top Gear magazine’s mower project is slowly coming to life.

The boys at Honda and Team Dynamics have been busy. Remember our story last week about the need for a mower in the TG office? Well since then, things have progressed nicely and it was fired up for the first time yesterday.

And when I say ‘nicely’, what I actually mean is ‘blood-curdling scary’. The mower has taken on a whole new personality – and it’s anything but pleasant. It was terrifying enough knowing that it should do 130mph and sprint from 0-60mph in about 4.0 seconds, but now we’ve seen it run….. Eternity in the Jeremy Kyle audience doesn’t scare me as much as this thing.

Watch the video here, and see if you can spot the flames… 

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