Dan Read22 January 2010

Video: Pastrana practice crash

Behind-the-scenes video shows barrel roll ahead of awesome NYE jump

Travis Pastrana has genetically improbable manparts. We have proof and we'd like you to see it. Just watch the YouTube clip below and you'll see what we mean.
It's behind-the-scenes footage filmed during practice for his awesome New Year's Eve jump. The one where he launched his Impreza 269-feet across water in Long Beach. As you may imagine, it was not easy.
Due to the lack of jet turbines and fuselages and wings and stuff, cars don't generally fly well. Pastrana does not believe this. He tries everything to get his Scooby off the ground, through the air smoothly, and back down cleanly.
Which doesn't always work. Skip to 1:30 on the video and you'll notice his car nosedive into planet Earth and roll across the dirt like tumbleweed. After that little incident, he reaches a conclusion. "If I just pull the handbrake, the front end will come right up", he says. In mid-air.
Then watch the rest of the video to see how he pulled it off without crashing. Almost.

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