18 August 2008

A Bug’s life

Bugatti's Veyron just got a lot more interesting...

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

We love the Bugatti Veyron. With its massive speed, massive price tag and massive kudos, it's both absurd and totally awesome.

So what are we to think of this new convertible version? Well we love this too, obviously.

And we love how it costs £150,000 more than the regular car(!). For that, you get removable glass panels - which you have to leave at home - and a crappy sort of umbrella to put up in case it rains.

Seriously, an umbrella. £150,000 for an umbrella. Presumably though, almost none of the 150 Grand Sports (that's convertible to you and us) will reach drizzly old Britain as most of them will be finding homes in the Middle East and America, with owners who'll just take the other Veyron if it rains.

Let's just hope their toupes don't blow off at 227mph, cos that's what speed this thing will do with the roof off. Raise an exploratory hand out at that speed, and it'll likely rip it clean off.

And according to a bloke called Wolfgang Schreiber, the Grand Sport is the 'stiffest roadster in the world'. We assume he means the chassis, but make your own mind up about any innuendo.

It's fully appropriate for a car as sexy as this.


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