Sam Philip28 April 2009

Connect four

Bugatti brings a quartet of shiny Veyrons – and shiny old racers – to the Ville d’Este meet in Como

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Ooh, shiny Veyrons. Four of them. 4,000bhp. Four million quid. 32 litres. 64 cylinders. All sitting on the driveway of the uber-posh Ville d'Este on Lake Como.

They're not even stock, boring, see-'em-every-day Veyrons. They're ‘Centenaire' editions, distinguished from the run-of-the-mill Veyron by, er, silvery paint.

The quartet of Centenaire Veyrons are appearing in Como alongside a matching quartet of Type 35s, Bugatti's 1920s race car that won over 2,000 races in a ten year reign, decked out in identical colour schemes: Italian red, French blue, British green and German white.

Bugatti says the Type 35 and Veyron share a common theme of ‘engineering ingenuity'. We assume it means ‘by the standards of the day', because as neat as the 35's hollow front axle and integral brake drums may have been, we fear they'll come up a bit short against a 1,000bhp monster with an 8.0-litre W16 engine.

But a tenuous historic link is more than enough reason for us to show you a few photos of four glittering Veyrons in front of a posh house. And to have another look at James May's brilliant Veyron V-Max clip...

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