Vijay Pattni28 October 2010

Video: Aston One-77 at the ’Ring

Evil-looking spawn of Aston Martin terrifies pedestrian 'Ring runners with prototype beast. Good noise, too

New video of the Aston Martin One-77 barrelling around the Nurburgring has hit the web, and it is quite exciting.

Firstly, because it is loud. Secondly, because it is fist-bitingly gorgeous. Thirdly, because it is quick.

See's exclusive Aston One-77 Nurburgring pictures

However, pity the poor chap in the humdrum Ford Focus. There he is, plodding along, probably saying to himself, "this is alright, innit? I'm on the Nurburgring".

All is dandy until a jet-black vessel of violence appears in his mirror, and fear freezes his chubby frame.

EDIT: Apologies for the brief disappearance of the video overnight. It's back now.

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