24 March 2010

Video: Zenvo ST1 promo

Watch as our tame racing driver’s favourite hypercar gets the promo treatment. Cue two mins of righteousness

We've sampled the Zenvo ST1's charms while avoiding camels in the desert, but now, puny Earthlings, is your chance to see it for yourselves.

See pics of some camels, Stig... and a Zenvo ST1 in Dubai

Because hypercar upstart Zenvo has released promotional footage of the most talked-about performance machine of recent times - the 1,100bhp ST1.

Denmark's first hypercar company correctly decided that the path to petrolhead success lay only in going straight for the big dawg Bugatti Veyron.

And with balls bigger than the big Bug, the Zenvo is our kind of machine. It's Star Wars Stormtrooper-helmet body houses a 7.0-litre supercharged/turbocharged V8, the 0-62mph dash takes three seconds and the top speed is limited to 233mph. Limited!

The 1,100bhp ST1 weighs just 1,376kg, giving it a monster power-to-weight ratio of 802 per tonne. The Veyron manages 446hp.

Of course, the Veyron is engineered to be able to launch into outer space and penetrate Uranus, but the Zenvo's quality is remarkable for such a low-volume carmaker.

So behold - press the magic button and witness Stiggy's new best friend...

Vijay Pattni

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