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If you’re seriously considering one, “economy“ and “practicality“ will mean nothing to you. And that’s the point. A purchase like this transcends judgment, and this one even goes round corners.

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What is it?

A vivid statement of culture and visual pheromone, this. It's even been honed around the Nürburgring. And it can actually go around corners.


Underneath the 2011 Euro-spec Chevy Camaro, there's a 4.5-link independent rear end and its very own set of super-stiff dampers and a pair of repositioned and reshaped anti-roll bars. The good news? It corners.

Despite being developed at the Nürburgring, the Camaro soaks up the road with GT-like composure. But rear occupants might want to think twice before embarking on long journeys, as its a bit cramped.

There are two engines - LS3 and L99 - which are bolted to a six-speed manual and auto respectively. They're pretty much the same, but the automatic gets VVT, which propels it to 62mph 0.2 seconds, erm, slower. Both are 6.2 litres - the manual gets 432hp and the auto 405hp - the stick-shift coupe takes 5.2 seconds to get to 62mph and the rag-top 5.4. The auto coupe does it in 5.4, and the convertible in 5.6.

On the inside

Can't really carry four in comfort, due to a very taxed rear seating arrangement, but two people can fit snugly. And let's be honest, this car isn't for hauling kids and dogs and things.

The A-pillar trim and plastic door panels flex with a gentle prod, and wobbly stitching abounds. The convertible roof flaps around when it's down, too. Which is all a bit of a shame, because poor interior fixture quality isn't endemic of today's GM crop.


Costs around £35k to get into a Camaro, which for a V8-powered icon, is dirt cheap. But high CO2 and 20mpg on combined cycle (you'll be lucky to see that) means ownership requires deep pockets. Very deep.

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