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Citroen C4 1.6 HDi VTR+ EGS Car Review | February 5, 2007

Driven February 2007

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Humans are lazy animals and especially us Brits, it seems. In the UK, even the vast majority of Porsche 911 Turbos are sold with an auto gearbox. Bear such demand in mind and plonking an electronic self-shifter into the C4 seems a logical enough step to make.

Citroen has further reasons for the move, which rest with fuel economy and emissions. You can have a normal auto transmission in the C4, but you'll pay a premium in terms of mpg and CO2. Sadly, though the changes on such robo-clutch 'boxes are getting quicker as the electronics improve, they're still too jerky in this application.

In auto mode, plant your foot and little happens as the six-speed transmission hunts for the right gear, then connects - not ideal for chasing gaps in traffic. There's a Sport button too, which allows each ratio to be held a little longer before auto up-shifts, but doesn't really improve the situation.

The new Picasso will also get this gearbox, but on the strength of its outing here, we'd steer clear.

Piers Ward

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