Strictly speaking not a manufacturer in its own right, but such a massive iconic leap from its Chevrolet mothership we may as well be talking different solar systems. Blessed with a legendary bloodline, GM has continued to mine the rich seam of hardcore, affordable supercars. Relief for the post-TVR generation.

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  • 7/10

    £62,996 - £80,757


    You can’t argue with the Corvette C6. Revised and now even better, it comes with Porsche-humbling performance and a £50k price tag. Hands-up who can cope with left-hand drive for that eh?

  • 8/10
    Corvette Stingray


    Terrific sportscar stands on its own for capability. Great value a bonus.

  • 8/10
    Corvette ZR-1


    A pure brawn star that can put the willies up much more expensive machinery. The cheapest way into 200mph performance in the world. A very Top Gear kind of car, and one of JC’s faves.

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