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Fiat Bravo


A vast improvement over Fiat’s past few stabs at the all-important C-segment, this is a thoroughly competent effort in almost every respect, hampered only by a legacy of half-cocked old shitters that it takes people a long time to forget about. Anyone for a VW Golf?

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  • Apparently this is much better than the Stilo. Isn’t that like saying whooping cough is better than TB?
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    Don’t come running to us if it breaks down and you have to get a lift in your neighbour’s Golf

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What is it?

Underplayed Golf wannabe hampered by the crappest bloodline in history. A shame, as it's actually not half bad, and it kicks the butt of its predecessor, the awful Stilo.


True to the DNA of all Italian hatchbacks, the Bravo handles well. Steering could be more weighty perhaps, but essentially this a nicely sorted chassis that gives you enough confidence to explore its limits.

The Bravo rides well, proving to have struck a great balance between handling and compliance. It's also far better sorted in the cabin than Fiats gone by, but the rear is cramped.

A good car for doing distance without having to give up on a bit of agility when you want it. There's a 1.4-litre petrol with 90bhp/120bhp, and a 105bhp 1.6-litre diesel.

On the inside

The Bravo is spacious up front, but critically hampered by a cramped and claustrophobic rear. This is bad news when you think that the Focus and Golf have that all sewn up.

The Bravo does seem well put together, an even more impressive statement when you consider just how awful the Stilo was. Time will tell of course, and there are plenty of sceptics reserving judgement, but so far so good.


On average the Bravo is cheaper than many of the ostensibly more desirable family hatches it's pitting itself against, and the strong emphasis on diesels in the range is another bonus.

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