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Ford Focus C-Max


One of the more appealing Multi Activity Vehicles, especially when teamed with Ford's excellent TDCi diesel. But, it's not the most practical of small MPVs.

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  • This is essentially a Ford Focus in a maternity dress. And you still would.
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    Bear in mind that although it’s not the biggest, it is easily the best to drive

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What is it?

The C-Max is one of the better-performing MAVs in the sector, combining the good bits of the current Focus chassis with extra height. The C-Max was based on the Focus platform before the more traditional hatch came out, so it copes with a British B-road without bouncing all over the place. Steering is sharp, and there's no shortage of grip either.


The C-Max is refined and cosseting, riding well and providing acres of space for five. The larger S-Max ups the ante naturally, but this is far easier to wield in town.

On the inside

The C-Max comes with a choice of a 1.6, 1.8 and two-litre petrol, and the same flavour of Ford's TDCi diesels. Despite being a people carrier, it's still got a great chassis and so needs a reasonably perky engine to get the best from it. The current two-litre petrol is entirely sound, but the equivalent diesel better suits a vehicle as straight up as this. Responsive, quiet, and seemingly never ending amounts of torque makes it quite a performer on the motorway.


In the world of the MAV (Multi Activity Vehicle - we don't come up with this crap) the C-Max is definitely one of the cooler ones, primarily because it still looks sharp despite its family-oriented exterior.

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