Time to burn?

These games won't change your life but they're pretty addictive so will keep you entertained for a little bit. There're more games coming soon to keep you entertained, so watch this space...

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  • Extreme Parking iOS
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  • RTS Itunes
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  • Top Gear Stunt School
  • Stunt School Revolution Android
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  • Stunt School Windows
  • Top Gear Stunt school
  • Top Gear Amphibious Challenge game

    Amphibious Challenge

    Choose between Jeremy’s Toybota, Richard’s Damper Van or that Herald sailing boat thing James manage to sink within seconds, then try to float your way to France. It’s as simple as that… isn’t it?

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  • Rocket Robin

    Rocket Robin

    The one we all wanted a go at. Balance your left and right rockets, detatch at the optimum moment and go for the highest altitude you can. Get seriously good and you’ll even reach the outer atmosphere. But we doubt it.

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  • Office Drive

    Office Drive

    Simple, this one. Just get to work at the TG office on time… but you have to drive all the way to your desk taking out store rooms, meetings and pot plants on the way. Jeremy couldn’t manage it scrape-free, so neither will you.

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