GMC Vandura

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GMC Vandura


Painfully slow acceleration, slushy auto transmission, spindly wooden steering wheel, awful fuel consumption, terrifying drum brakes and a somewhat ridiculous paint job. We love it.

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What is it?

The deep-dished, wooden-rimmed wheel was a joy to have between the hands, and given the extreme weight in play, we were surprised at how easily you could chuck it (and thus your rear passengers) around. Of course, compared to today's Transits/Berlingos etc, it's an absolute pig. But great fun.


Predictably for a vehicle from the latter part of the Detroit heyday, comfort always remained a priority over any pathetic concepts as speed, safety or fuel consumption. It actually cruises along beautifully, helped by genuinely supportive seats and a nice upright driver's position. The only complaint is going to come from your aching right foot flexing heartily against that leaden accelerator.

On the inside

Stick a 5.0-litre V8 in one of today's vans, tune it to something acceptable and you've got a genuine rocket. In this early 80s incarnation however, we were being out-gunned from the lights by smart fortwos on London's glittering A40. Makes a wonderful noise though.


Frankly, it's cool. Not quite Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino cool, or Italian Job DB4 cool, but pretty cool nevertheless. Lots of smiles and waves.

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