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Honda Accord


The new Honda Accord is a highly accomplished saloon and estate, blessed with Honda’s usual bombproof build quality and a little bit more flair than previous models. But it is a bit pricey for a Honda.

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  • A car for very old people to drive very slowly. Why does it have more than two gears?
  • Top Gear wildcard

    Look for a clean secondhand saloon. Residuals aren’t strong, but the rest of the car certainly is.

  • Our choice

    Accord 2.2 i-DTEC Type S 4d

    Price £30,050

    BHP 180

    LB FT 280

    MPG 50

    CO2 147

    0-62 MPH 8.80

    Top Speed 136

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What is it?

Overall the Accord is an OK car and doesn't anything disgracefully, but needs a proper update.


The Accord is a positive drive, feeling sharp and responsive through corners even if it lacks some steering feel. It's not the driver's car that the BMW 3-Series is, but it does a reasonable job of keeping you interested.

Although impressively refined and insulated from engine and wind noise, the Accord rides quite hard, like so many Japanese cars used to better road surfaces. It's not a deal breaker, but worth being aware of.

Of the two petrol and one diesel engine available in the Accord, none is a bad apple. They're all quiet, punchy and economical to boot. The diesel would be our choice, with its comparable acceleration and vastly better returns at the pumps.

On the inside

The saloon doesn't offer quite as much rear space as arrivals like the Citroen C5, and is narrower too, meaning get three abreast in the back can be cosy. But in estate form the boot is vast with a huge and ingenious sliding load bay.

The Accord is mechanically indestructible though, and its interior, although perhaps not as luxurious as European tastes tend to demand, will age far better than you will.


Although not as cheap to buy as you might expect from a manufacturer without the brand kudos of some of its European rivals, the Accord won't be expensive to run. It doesn't tend to go wrong for starters, and insurance is low.

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