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Awesome off-road ability, but can we think of any other reason to recommend the H3? Er, it’s not quite as big as you might think. Beyond that…

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  • The paradigm of American political incorrectness finally reaches the UK. We’ve sent them Jim Davidson in return
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    No one’s going to think you’re an off-duty US Marine driving round in one of these. If you want that kind of respect, buy a machine gun instead

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What is it?

Wallowy and soft on the road – ladder frame chassis and leaf spring suspension is so 1960s, darling. Once it’s up to motorway speeds on decent tarmac, things become just about bearable, but make no mistake – this isn’t a road-friendly modern SUV.


Hard plastics and rubber – we’re not talking Laura Ashley soft furnishings department here. The on-road ride is similarly utilitarian, crashing over bumps and potholes, while the five-cylinder engine is gruff and noisy.

On the inside

On-road? Rubbish. The 3.7-litre five-cylinder petrol engine hauls the H3 to 60mph in around 12 seconds, but it feels slower. Off-road, though, the H3 is a proper machine – it’ll climb a 60 degree incline, traverse a 40 degree slope and crawl through two feet of water. Potentially all at the same time.


The H3 is only cool if you’re a fan of shootin’, incest and lazy stereotyping. Sorry.

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