Hyundai i30 Estate

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Hyundai i30 Estate


Sharing its underpinnings with the already highly lauded Kia c’eed, Hyundai goes one better with the i-30 by adding surprisingly tidy styling to this mechanically sorted package

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  • Either someone’s slipped something into my drink, or this is a Korean car you actually might want to buy
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    The cheaper 1.6 CRDi diesel manages 60.1mpg. Savings aplenty

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What is it?

This is a huge family-sized load-lugger, taking 528 litres of load even with the seats up. As with the hatch, it's more upmarket within, to go with the neatly profiled lines.


While the i-30 may not handle quite like the BMW 1-Series it’s so clearly trying to resemble, there’s still a composed and entertaining chassis to exploit, supported by direct and informative steering.

The i-30 and C'eed both ride remarkably well, given that they also handle – a very tricky balance to strike. It may lack that certain Germanic something that makes cars like the VW Golf feel so cosseting, but it’s really not that far off.

The i-30’s small petrol engines don’t do much for it in the performance stakes. In fact the only option that can muster halfway respectable figures is the larger of the two diesels.

On the inside

As family estates go, the i-30 ticks the required boxes. It’s got five-doors and a big boot, is relatively spacious in the back and has folding rear seats. No strokes of genius, but none required.

Hyundai has been building decent, reliable cars for a while and besides, there’s a monster warranty as back-up if anything does go wrong.


Expect the i-30 to hold its value fairly well. Couple that with its relatively cheap initial purchase price and you’re on to a winner. Hyundai also offers a five year warranty with this, so you’ve nothing to worry about should something go pop.

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