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Infiniti FX Limited Edition

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Infiniti FX Limited Edition

Driven July 2010

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It would be unfair to dismiss this, the Infiniti FX50 Limited Edition, as a cynical exercise in mere cosmetic enhancement.

Because, though the new 21-inch alloys and bespoke paintjob and leathery bits and monstrous stereo system may be no more than visual gewgaws, the Limited Edition is in fact...a Superleggera. Oh yes, a lightweight super SUV-coupe bent on chuckability. Although the output of the 5.0-litre V8 remains unchanged at 385bhp, the FX50's cabin is decked out in carbon fibre instead of the lardy wood trim of the standard car. By TopGear's scientific estimation - no official figures are available - this lowers the FX's kerbweight by as much as 14 grams.

We cannot, we hang our heads to admit, notice the improved performance of the Limited Edition, the added sharpness on turn-in, the lower centre of gravity. But the Stig might. Or a hog-nosed bat, if you could teach it to drive. In our inexpert hands, the Limited Edition - of which a mere 17 shall reach the UK - feels exactly like the standard FX50, which is say, disturbingly fast and focused and lacking in body roll or understatement of any kind.

If you, like us, are not blessed with Stig or bat-like driving skills, the Limited Edition serves a far shallower purpose: showing up all those 40-odd conventionalists who have bought the commonplace, standard Infiniti FX50 for the predictable sheep that they are...

Sam Philip

On your drive for: £1,530pcm
: 0-62mph in 5.8secs, max speed 155mph, 21.7mpg
Tech: 5026cc, 8cyl, 4WD, 385bhp, 369lb ft, n/a kg, 310g/km CO2

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