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Infiniti G37 Coupe


You'd have to be a homesick ex-pat American or very anti-BMW and Audi to buy the Infiniti when the better-looking, better finished German alternatives are there.

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  • Nissan's posh US brand attacks the BMW 3-Series Coupe by brandishing its fearsome 370Z engine.
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    Why not save yourself all that expense and just get a Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86?

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    G37 Coupe 3.7 V6 S Premium 2d

    Price £41,435

    BHP 320

    LB FT 265

    MPG 26

    CO2 246

    0-62 MPH 5.90

    Top Speed 155

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What is it?

The Infiniti G to have. It's still an oddball choice, mainly because there's no diesel option and the V6 petrol in it is pretty thirsty without being ludicrously quick, but the ride/handling compromise is well judged. As ever, it comes loaded with kit.


A Japanese car tailored for the US market is meant to be boggy and soft, but the Infiniti has been re-tuned for European roads and driving conditions, and someone's done a reall proper job of it. Hunkered down in a cosseting and sporty cockpit you feel surprisingly connected to the chassis and infintely more involved in the mechanical processes than you do in an Audi A5. A four-wheel-steer system kicks in above 25mph, which feels darty if a little surprising when you give it too much lock. Still, it gets you neatly tucked into a bend.

The G37 Coupe is powered by the same 316bhp 3.7-litre V6 as you'll find in the Nissan 370Z. It's a monster of a thing, with bags of character and enough grunt to make nearly two-tonnes of car feel reasonably sprightly. It's 62mph sprint wooshes by in an internal-organ-crushing 5.8 seconds and it can continue onto an impressive 155mph. There's the option of either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic. This may not be as quick as Audi's DSG box, but the auto is slicker than the clunky manual.

On the inside

Space in the front is generous but those in the back are hampered by limited legroom and a very low roof line. At 275 litres the boot is small compared to rivals (the BMW 3 Series Coupe has 165 litres more and the Audi A5 another 180 litres). However, the rear seats can fold over, increasing boot size and the car's practicality.

While it's strong and well put together, much of the interior has come from the Nissan parts bin. There wouldn't be anything wrong with this normally, but the parent company is positioning Infiniti and all its products as premium products and pricing them accordingly.


The combined figure of 27mpg might not have been too bad for a performance coupe a few years ago, but times are changing and all cars - even in this sector - need to be more economical. So by comparison a BMW 335i Coupe will return over 30mpg and ofers diesel alternatives that Infiniti can't. The CO2 emissions are equally poor.

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