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Infiniti G37


A good, fun and interesting alternative to the 3-Series. But let's get realistic. Why would you buy a V6 petrol-engined saloon when the just-as-much fun but far more economical BMW 330d exists? One for the individualist.

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What is it?

Not the prettiest car, nor the prettiest Infiniti, and that's saying something. The G comes well specced, like all Infinitis, but it's too expensive - sometimes you don't want all the options boxes ticked for you. It also needs a diesel option, badly.


It offers an acceptable ride combined with decent body control and strong cornering. The G37S has four-wheel steering using expertise from the Nissan GT-R, which gives a secure helping hand. The steering feel is genuinely good and there's a feistiness to this car that makes an engaging companion to take on all sorts of interesting trips and roads.

The G37 is propelled by 320bhp of 3.7-litre V6 similar to the one in the Nissan 370Z sportscar (there are no four-banger Infinitis, nor any diesels). The engine starts with a deep and engaging rumble and is very torquey, revving to 7,500, although it gets a bit harsh by then. And the six-speed manual transmission is awful. The gearlever is slow, and there's a terrible sproing in the driveline that makes a clean 1-2 shift all but impossible. Plus there's a constant noisy whine from the gears. Our advice? Get the responsive seven-speed auto.

On the inside

Plenty of room for four, although three on the rear bench is a squeeze. At 450 litres, the boot is comparable with that of the BMW 3-Series. However, look at the wider picture and it's actually quite small. Some rivals - the VW Passat for example - make it to over 500 litres.

The cabin is nicely constructed using quality materials while all the chunky controls have a lovely damped action. Infiniti knew we pernickety Europeans would pick up on Nissan Navara pickup switchgear, which is present in the American version, so they threw it out and redid it for Europe.


You've probably been reading this thinking 'so far, so good'. But it's here where the G37 falls down. The sole engine - a 3.7-litre V6 don't forget - when fitted with either the manual or auto gearboxes returns just 27mpg (and those are Infiniti's figures - expect less in the real world) while 246g/km of CO2 puts it in the most expensive brackets for road and company car tax.

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