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James busy on his “other job”

Well, we say busy. James is filming his new series of Man Lab at the moment, but based on this outtake we smuggled out of the studio from series one, it’s likely there’s a great deal of cocking about going on...

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Behind the scenes: James May drives the Fiat 500 (series 16, episode 2)

Behind the scenes: James and the Fiat 500 (series 16, episode 2) Watch now.

Captain Slow takes TopGear magazine's engine of the year for a quick spin round Dunsfold

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James drives to the studio, part 1

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James May and mother.

James is a man of many and varied talents. He is the only person in the world who understands how 'torques' work, once invented a new kind of pie, and has single-handedly kept the tweed industry afloat for the last two decades. He also has sensitive hair, an array of brightly coloured jumpers, and a deep and unswayable mistrust of the French. He likes his cars in two flavours: giant luxury land yachts favoured by larger-than-life cabaret singers and dictators, and tiny cheap superminis.