James May

James May

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James’s fizzy logic - February 2010
‘The existence of the fizz gland explains why certain cars possess us in an inexplicable way’

Gone with the wind - January 2010
“A recent guff I did was a product of at least two countries and was delivered in a third, which must be causing an imbalance of some sort”

James vs the fashion industry - Awards 2009
At last, a reason to put Trinny and Susannah behind bars. You see, their obsession with fashion is forcing us to throw away perfectly good cars

James rounds on the Benz - December 2009
Like supporting both Arsenal and Manchester United, it’s deemed bad form to cheer for both BMW and Mercedes. But James’ loyalties are being tested

James goes commando - November 2009
Expect the worst, says James, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when something good (or even average) happens. Only thing is, it could make you paranoid in the end

To whom it May concern - October 2009
We are sleepwalking into a world of hi-vis misery, as health and safety policies strangle the life out of any pursuit that might actually be fun. Time for action!

James on urban cars - September 2009
If you want to make small, efficient, urban cars more attractive, at least give them looks that reflect the big bad city destined to become their stomping ground

James on the Porsche 911 - August 2009
Despite driving some of the most virile and exclusive supercars in production, James’ eye still turns longingly to a Gekko-esque classic from the Eighties

James on Ferrari - July 2009
Ferraris really are special, but it’s got nothing to do with the logos and the colour scheme, it's down to mechanical wizardry. Now even Captain Slow wants one

James and the Fireblade - June 2009
Oh how we laughed at the idea of James May writing a column about supercars. But it seems we have created a monster... we’ve just had to prise him off a superbike

James and the DBS - May 2009
The DBS is a totally different car to the DB9 – we know this because Aston has told us so, quite clearly. But, asks James, is it the car the DB9 should have been all along?

James and the Caterham R500 - April 2009
In the fifth of his supercar tests, Captain Slow tries out the Caterham R500. It might be impossible to get in and out of, he says, but it’s also ridiculous fun

James and the Porsche 911 - March 2009
When buying a Porsche, don’t drink and spec; you could end up with a car so thoroughly pimped, you'll need to buy a leopard-spotted jump suit to keep up

James and the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti - February 2009
The 612 Scaglietti is Ferrari at its most restrained, the furthest the company gets from vulgar merchandising and chest wigs. So the perfect car for James, then

James and the Gallardo Spider  - January 2009
Lamborghinis might make poster icons that induce nocturnal emissions in callow youths, but James is more worried that he might look like a berk


James May

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