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Rapper gives ‘shout–out’ to ‘Jeremy Clarkson’

It’s fair to say Jeremy’s not much of a hip-hop fan. So it’s rather a shame he’s not in the office at the moment and we can’t ask him what he thinks of the latest 45 by Lupe Fiasco

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James defends his “fast cupping” action on Jeremy ( exclusive)

Exclusive outtake: hit in the plums Watch now.

Did James hit Jeremy in the, er, gentleman’s region, or was it simply a ‘fast cup’?

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The boys’ Botswana special part 1 (series 10, episode 4)

Botswana 1 Watch now.

The team find out whether a banger will get you all the way across Botswana

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Biography Jeremy

Jeremy Clarkson and mother.

Jeremy has often been described as 'the most influential man in motoring journalism', mainly by himself. Estimates suggest that he is slightly over nine feet tall, owns 14,000 pairs of jeans and has destroyed almost 4.2 million tyres in his lifetime. He is best known for possessing a right foot apparently consisting of some sort of lead-based substance, for creating some of the most tortured similes ever committed to television, and for leaving the world's longest pauses between two parts... of the same sentence. He has never taken public transport.