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Jeremy Clarkson

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Clarkson on: the Maserati Quattroporte – October 2013

Thinking about buying a new car? Richer than Croesus? Then you’ll want to look at a Quattroporte...

Clarkson on: too much power – September 2013

Less powweeerrrr! Did you ever believe you’d hear JC say that? But he’s found a way to escape from the bhp arms race

Clarkson on: middle-lane hogging – August 2013

Fines come in today in the UK for this most heinous of crimes. But Jeremy isn’t impressed…

Clarkson on: international driving standards - July 2013

Britons lead the world. But to keep it that way, says JC, we must take action...

Clarkson on: appreciation - June 2013

To appreciate good, we must suffer bad. True of people, places and, er, cars

Clarkson on: fixing Lotus - May 2013

Lotus is in trouble again. Jeremy knows exactly what’s gone wrong…

Clarkson on: car technology – April 2013

Don’t look now, but your car is spying on you

Clarkson on: road signs - March 2013

Why can’t road signs provide information in a fun way? JC has a plan…

Clarkson on: the new Range Rover – February 2013

It’s the favoured transport of dukes, footballers’ wives and drug dealers. But is the new model a step too far?

Clarkson on: tax – January 2013

JC reckons we should be charging the super-rich for extra motoring privileges…


Jeremy Clarkson

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