Kia Rio

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Rio 1.25 2 5d

List price (on the road): £12,495
Contract hire per month: £160
Engine: 4cyl 1248cc
Driven wheels: Front
Power (bhp): 83
Torque (lb/ft): 89
0-62 (mph): 12.60
Top Speed (mph) 106
MPG (combined) 55
MPG (urban) 44
MPG (extra urban) 64
Range (miles): 524
Euro NCAP: 5.00
Kerb weight (kg): 1104
Length (mm): 4045
Width (mm): 1720
Height (mm): 1455
Wheelbase (mm): no data
Fuel tank (litres): 43
Boot capacity (litres): 288
Fuel bill (Fuel cost per 10,000 miles of driving, at current pump prices): £1,065
CO2 (g/km): 119
Tax band/cost: no data
Insurance group: 7
Running costs (per mile): £33
Adaptive headlights: no
Adjustable steering column/wheel: standard
Air conditioning: standard
Air bags: no
Alarm: no
Alloy wheels: standard
Anti-lock brakes: standard
Auto: no
Bluetooth: standard
Climate control: no
Cruise control: no
Electric seats: no
Heated seats: no
ISOFIX fix point: standard
Leather: no
Parking sensors: no
Power-assisted steering: standard
Sat nav: no
Tow point: no
Traction control system (ESP): standard
Warranty: no

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