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The charm went out the (always open) window years ago. Buy a pick-up truck or a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

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  • The coolest car in the world ever, bar none. And that’s not because I’ve got a massively customised one that cost a bomb or anything
  • Top Gear wildcard

    Try an L200, Navara, Ranger or Hilux if you want a proper working machine.

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    Defender 2.2D XS 5d 110

    Price £32,295

    BHP 122

    LB FT 265

    MPG 25

    CO2 295

    0-62 MPH 14.70

    Top Speed 90

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What is it?

Forget the iconic bunkum, the Defender was past its best decades ago. Its replacement can’t come soon enough. Thing is, like the return of the Messiah or the end of the world, the date when that might happen keeps changing.


Crude. It’s like driving gym equipment such is the effort required. You don’t get much back for the effort put in, either.

On the inside

Designed in a pre-ergonomics time. Set-square edges, appalling materials and haphazard controls. You might say it’s got charm, but it’s rubbish. There’s no space inside – you really do need the window open to turn the steering wheel.


Crude and expensive, it really should come with a wax jacket for that uncovered arm hanging out the window.

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