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Land Rover Range Rover Overfinch

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Land Rover Range Rover Overfinch

Driven February 2010

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Historically, Overfinch takes a Range Rover and makes it more terrifying by fitting a huge Corvette engine. No arguments there. This time though, it took the new Rangie and left its 5.0-litre supercharged V8 in place, simply adding some fat exhausts for extra burble. The important work has been done inside, in partnership with royal gunsmiths Holland and Holland.

What this means is that everywhere you look there's polished walnut and thick carpet. The rear seats are split by a wooden console holding crystal tumblers in plush cupboards and a champagne fridge with room for two bottles, while the leather in our test car was olive and aubergine trim. Essentially, it feels like driving around in two-and-a-half tons of antique furniture.

The glassware alone is worth £1,150. Hauling this around with a supercharged V8 (or even the TDV8, which is also available) makes you nervous enough to down those bottles of Bollinger in one hit. It drives pretty much like a standard Rangie, or rather, a very full Rangie. That centre console weighs 18kg and the kit in the boot is even heavier.

That kit consists of a gun cabinet and some drawers to hold more tumblers, champagne flutes and ammunition. So essentially, you could drink, drive and shoot sentient beings all at the same time, not that Overfinch or TopGear are suggesting you do so. Everything can be removed from the boot if you need more room, but that does rather defeat the point, as it leaves you with something resembling a regular Range Rover for £143,950 - £60k more than the car it's based on.

So who in hell is this car aimed at? Clearly, it's not for the aristocracy. Aristocrats go shooting in beaten up Defenders with wipe-clean footwells. The Overfinch on the other hand, has an expensive cream carpet. You wouldn't put shagpile in your bootroom, would you?

No, this is a car for fantasists, people who want to live out some myth of the landed gentry cobbled together from watching too many Merchant Ivory films. In short, Americans. With that in mind, perhaps Overfinch should have added another 30 grand to the price-tag and thrown in anhonorary knighthood.

But brash though it might be, it's executed with real panache, the hundreds of hours of labour spent on wood and leather going some way to justifying the exorbitant cost. What's more, only 100 will be made, although given they'll all end up in the suburbs of LA, you may not feel quite as unique as you'd hoped.

Finally, each comes supplied with a full bar of booze. When that runs out, they'll send you some more. Whether they'll continue to restock if your drinking habit rivals Oliver Reed remains a moot point.

Dan Read

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