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Lexus SC 430


The Lexus SC430 was a coupe/cabriolet before every man and his pet otter had one.It is a great car but for one tiny detail – it’s uglier than a stand-off between Millwall and West Ham fans.

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  • Do they even still make those? I thought they sold four and then just gave up?
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What is it?

 Hmmm, given that Lexus usually excels at making cars ride and handle, or at least ride, the SC430 is surprisingly wobbly when going fast. The steering expired some time ago and there's precious little feel. It encourages precisely nothing. Bit of a bugger when the Mercedes SL is the competition.


One of the most unsubtle rides in the world of the car. For a big CC cruiser, you'd think the SC430 would be a world of calm, but it punches every pothole with a vengeance. The engine and gearbox themselves are near silent - it's just that the suspension and tyres feel broken.

On the inside

You can't really hear it, but the SC430's 4.3-litre V8 and five-speed auto are tremendously refined and quite quick; 0-62mph in just 6.2 seconds and a limited 155mph top speed. You just never feel like making use of it.


You might think that you're thinking outside the box and being a bit eccentric when buying an SC430. Anyone who knows anything about cars will just think you're a twat who knows nothing about cars.

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