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Mazda2 1.6d Sport

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Mazda Mazda2 1.6d Sport

Driven August 2009

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It's a sweet little car, the Mazda2. Not sweet in a cute way, but sweet in a crisp and sharp way. Our only problem with it so far has been with the 1.4 diesel engine, which is unrefined and doesn't suit the car's zingy nature. So will this new 1.6-litre diesel solve the problem? In short, yes. It might only be a few cubic centimetres bigger than the 1.4 - which you can still buy - but it has a far more useful 88bhp and 158lb ft, that's a third more than in the smaller engine, making it less thrashy and more effortless. CO2 output is 112g/km, just 5g more than the 1.4's figure. But it's in a fight with a Fiesta where it starts to look really strong. The two cars are virtually the same underneath, and their 1.6 diesels are identical twins. But whereas the top-spec Fiesta Titanium will cost you £15,095 this Mazda2 Sport is only £12,817 - both have the same engine and similar spec, remember. Granted, the Fiesta is a pointier thing to drive and the more fashionable car to own, but £2,278 is a chunky wad of cash. It's a tough decision and your heart will probably say Fiesta. But if your wallet overrules your emotions, this new diesel 2 will do you proud.  Dan Read

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