Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG


The Mercedes C63 AMG is an extreme prejudice answer to BMW’s M3 that leaves all-comers in its substantial wake. You get out of this 456bhp, RWD monster with sweaty palms and a stupid grin on your face, but it’s a bit hardcore for everyday use.

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  • Like pushing an angry ferret down your slacks. Invigorating, scary and more than a little pointless, but strangely fun.
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    Do you really need the C63? Erm, yes.

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What is it?

Rocket-propelled M3-seeking missile packing more junk than an aircraft carrier but without the stealth. A nut you say? Right, pass me that sledgehammer.


The C63 AMG feels like an old-school DTM car. That equates to millimetric steering, super-hard and very sticky; on a smooth road. Get off the beaten track and you're looking at being bounced into the nearest solid object - ‘uncompromising' doesn't really cover it.

There's nothing like it in this sector. That's one mother of an engine shoehorned into the engine bay of a C-class; 6208cc of V8 with 457bhp and enough torque to pull down cities. You better be in something substantial to beat it in the speed stakes too, because 0-62mph takes just 4.5 seconds and it'll hit the 155mph limiter hard and quickly. And then there's the noise...

On the inside

It's a C-class, so you get a generous 475-litre boot and the associated C-class practicality, but your kids won't thank you for it when you use the available performance. And you will.

Built like a brick outhouse, though fairly focused when all's said and done. Nice materials and proper build quality help this feel like it'll do nasty things to road surfaces all day long.


We don't even know how much C02 this thing produces because we're too stunned by the running costs; group 20 insurance, max tax, max everything. And on a recent test, Top Gear recorded 5mpg. Yes, that's right 5mpg - it is quoted as getting 21. Hmmmm.

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