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It’s back after a stout Chinese injection of cash. But the TF is getting on a bit and the hip replacement is relatively minor…

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  • It costs £16.5k. A last-gen TF can be had for £4k. Do they think we're stupid?
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What is it?

Surprisingly good. The TF is softer than before so it won't shatter your spine, but it still has plenty of grip when you push and the steering is responsive and quick. It misses on the final 15 per cent of push - but it goes to show how good the original set-up really was. 


The mid-mounted configuration means there's space enough for the pair of seats and the TF LE500 is actually a bit softer than it was before, so it rides pretty well. But it feels slightly old - you could tour in it, but you'd have to be committed.  

On the inside

The LE carries MG's ‘N'-series 1.8-litre engine with 135bhp, but it's really the old K-Series with a metal headgasket and some reliability tweaks. Saying that, it's a perky, willing little motor - one of the reasons that it kept going for so long - and it suits the car. The usual figures don't really tell the whole story; 0-62mph in a lowly 8.4 seconds and only 127mph top end fail to mention that the LE is fun. A good beginner's sports car. 


MG fans will be pleased its back, but the LE500 has been surpassed in so many ways that it hasn't really got much to offer the boulevardier. The big problem? You can pick up an almost identical MG TF from last time around for a quarter of the cash. 

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