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Morgan Roadster


As fine a British institution as cold showers and buggery, and about as comfortable, the Morgan Roadster is an antiquated indulgence that you shouldn’t want but absolutely will the second you step aboard.

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  • A proper Morgan (by which we mean not an Aero 8) is only cool if you're not a old fart in his retirement. Be young, and preferably a blonde girl, and you're away.
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    A secondhand ‘Plus Eight’ with its discontinued Rover V8 is what Morgans are really all about.

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What is it?

The only car to look like a restoration when actually brand new, the Morgan Roadster is one of the quirkiest cars on sale today. Not for everyone, mind.


The Morgan doesn't handle so much as just steer vaguely. You point it into the middle of a bend and see what happens, making the necessary adjustments all the while. Stately and dignified stuff.

Thanks to Morgan's inherently lightweight ash frame chassis construction and complete lack of refinement, the Ford 3.7-litre sixer feels terrifying. It's good for 280bhp and a 0-62mph time of 5.5 seconds.

On the inside

If you’re a fan of nicely-preserved National Trust properties, you’ll be right at home here: it’s all soft leather and well-buffed wood. Seating position is surpisingly high, but even six-footers shouldn’t struggle for space in the cabin.

Sit down. Breathe in gently. Morgans have no boot. None whatsoever. There's also barely enough room in the cabin for you and a size zero model. If you need to bring a toothbrush go buy a BMW Z4.


A Morgan's utter timelessness means they hold their value extremely well, and the modern engines are reliable and frugal. If you can afford it in the first place you've nothing to lose from there. Except hair and fillings.

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