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Pagani Zonda


You pay for what you get. Eighty grand over £300,000 gets you a 7.3-litre 12-cylinder, rear-drive super coupe that’s over-endowed with kit and thrills…

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  • Yeah, it’s a bit over-the-top, but get yours in black – and steer clear of the roadster – and you’ve got a piece of kit to make Batman jealous
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    If, by some bizarre happenstance, you’re offered a special edition Zonda Cinque, steer clear. Unpainted carbon fibre is unbecoming

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What is it?

This is no case of ‘more money than sense'. No, you'll need both money and sense to acquire this quite magnificent, sculpted, hi-tech yet classical, super-machine.


500-plus bhp and rear wheel drive could spell backwards-in-a-ditch time, but the Zonda isn’t half as intimidating as it could be. Outrageously quick and useable, with masses of potential if you’re feeling brave enough to explore the limits of grip.

Will show a Porsche 911 Turbo a clean pair of heels even in ‘S’ guise, while the ‘F’, with its extra 50-odd horsepower, is McLaren F1-quick. Sounds like a dozen angry Rottweilers savaging a turkey, too. In a good way.

On the inside

Unsurpassed. You’d expect a few rough edges from a newcomer to the supercar club, but the fit and finish in the Zonda is second to none. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The leather is gorgeous and there’s even a decent view of the road over the low scuttle. Yes, you’ll still flash your pants to the world getting in and out, but that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? 

As for inside, it’s a supercar, for chrissakes. If you’re looking for practicality, buy a Citroen Berlingo.


Pagani won’t even tell us what the consumption is. We’re guessing it’d best be measured in gallons per mile. Then again, if you’ve blown 350-something grand on an Italian supercar, you can probably cope with a couple of hefty fuel bills...

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