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Peugeot 107 1.0 Urban Car Review | January 11, 2006

Driven January 2006

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Everyone knows the reality of the B Zero partnership. /C1/107: same car, different badge - and a few little styling changes that toe the in-house design line.

They're terrific little cars that make no pretence of their hard-fought affordability and the identical underpinnings. So what little there is to choose between them boils down to price and appearance.

And this is where the otherwise outstanding Peugeot 107 comes unstuck. At option-free base price, the Yaris-alike Aygo is £6,745, the sharper-looking C1 an even better deal at £6,495.

But the same 107 is £7,145. And, although this is pretty subjective, we don't think it looks quite as good, either.

So unless you have a particular loyalty to the Peugeot brand, or an unloved 106 to trade in, there is absolutely no reason to buy a 107.

If you do meet either of the above criteria, the good news is the 107 matches up in all the vital areas. It's peerless in its big-car feel in a city car package, and give or take a few hundred quid, it's also still a very cheap car.

What makes you plump for one and not the other will come down to a personal agenda or the proximity of one dealership over another.

If you have the choice, the C1 does make the most sense because it's the cheapest. But the 107 won't disappoint you either. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Matt Master

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