Peugeot 207 SW

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Peugeot 207 SW


A slightly awkward styling exercise it may be, but the Peugeot 207 SW is nonetheless a deeply practical and affordable proposition. Its only real failing may just be that not many people actually want it.

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    207 SW 1.6 HDi FAP 92 Active 5d

    Price £15,095

    BHP 92

    LB FT 161

    MPG 67

    CO2 110

    0-62 MPH 13.30

    Top Speed 113

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What is it?

Oddly effective yet equally oddly undesirable entry in the small estate class. Not Peugeot's finest hour, if we're honest.


Although not quite as agile and involving as its regulation hatchback brethren, the 207 SW still makes for a relatively entertaining driving experience. Above all it feels calm and composed, which is far more important.

You're not going to buy the SW for thrills and spills, but it's nice to know that it still gets the job done with comparative ease. The 1.6-litre HDi diesel engines, with 112bhp on tap, is the ideal all rounder here.

On the inside

With seats folded there an impressive 1,258 litres, so not bad. Although it's not saying much, the 207 is a marked improvement in quality over the car it replaced. Posher plastics, bolder design and a general feeling that things are better stuck together pervades throughout the cabin. If that lasts or not we wouldn't like to say.


These HDi engines are clean and economical, which is good news for you and bad news for the taxman. They are also easy to insure, meaning this should be a very cheap car to run, if not to buy.

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