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Proton GEN-2


The Proton Gen-2 was the first indication that Proton might be capable of building a car that wasn’t completely dreadful. But it’s out of date now, and still wasn’t much cop way back when.

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What is it?

Another Proton that's been breathed on by Lotus, and another Proton that's a long way short of the class best.


Proton owns Lotus and makes the most of this by getting plenty of consultancy from the world renowned handling experts. So the Gen-2 does better than you'd expect, with plenty of grip and very little body roll.

The small 1.3-litre's 94bhp just isn't up to the job either.

On the inside

There's a decent sized boot at 370 litres and plenty of legroom in both the front and rear. The Gen-2's only real letdown is a lack of rear headroom courtesy of that sloping roofline.


With around 40mpg available on a tank and group seven insurance, the Gen-2 is a fairly cheap car to run. The catch, however, is that it's complete lack of desirability ensures the resale value will be a real kick in the teeth.

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