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Proton Savvy


The Proton Savvy is a stark reminder of just how good cars like the Aygo and Panda really are.

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  • What the hell happened here? It looks like someone cracked the designer over the head half way through the job.
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    That sort of money will get you the vastly better Fiat Panda.

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What is it?

Truly awful, but we are grateful to Proton for reminding us of how good every other small car on sale in the UK is. We suggest you try buying one of those instead.


Despite low kerbweight and a short wheelbase the Savvy doesn't drive positively at all. There's far too much body roll for starters, and it's all too easy to reach the outer limits of grip.

A claimed top speed of 99mph is moot. You'd need to have nerves of steel or an unlimited supply of Mogodon to get there. And it'd help to be stone deaf.

On the inside

The Savvy is budget even by Proton's standards, and the terrible mish-mash of design ideas and cheap plastics is flung together without much though. The steering wheel, for instance, is so crudely moulded that it actually hurts to hold for any length of time.

The only thing we can think of that the Savvy has going for it is that it has five doors and enough room in that rear for a couple of kids. And the boot is passable too. But that doesn't improve its standing against the competition one iota.


It's cheap to buy, but won't seem it when you sell it for absolute peanuts a couple of years later. Insurance group three is impressive, but then who would want to nick this?

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