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Renault Megane CC


Not the best-looking coupe-convertible out there, but also not the worst. You can do better if you try.

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  • Convertibles are supposed to impart an air of stylishness to their drivers. This one doesn’t. At al
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    Ford’s Focus CC is a better car and the VW Eos is far better looking. Don’t get us started on downsizing slightly to the infinitely more desirable Mini

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What is it?

Softened-off suspension means that the Megane CC really isn’t that much fun to drive quickly – understeer is pronounced and early, reigned in by the on-board electronics with a fairly heavy hand. Better at cruising, but you’ll be surprised by the amount of general wobble when the roof is stowed. Stick to urban tooling about.


The same soft suspension that tries to hide the lack of chassis stiffness helps keep the ride comfy, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Renault’s general ability to keep engine noise under control and wind noise to a minimum. The coupe/convertible roofs might not be strictly necessary, but they do impart a feeling of security when you’re jumping in on a bitter morning and hitting the m-way first thing.

On the inside

The CC gets a proper broad spread of engines from Renault’s range, so there’ll be something here that suits. At the bottom there’s a 99bhp 1.4 and at the top sits a 2.0 turbo with 165bhp. Best is the 2.0DCi 150. It gets 148bhp, hits 62mph in a reasonable 8.7 seconds and can top out at a hairpiece-threatening 130mph – all with reasonable economy.


Council flash if we’re honest. The kind of car bought as a sop to a nagging housewife, or purchase by younger ladies who want a drop-top but know nothing about cars, except that the Renault dealer is the one with the big sign next to Waitrose.

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July 2010

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