The Stig


Some say...

Some say he has a pink stripey jumper exactly like mine and that Some say he doesn't understand queuing. All we know is, he's called The Stig.

The Stigs Top 51 Cars

  • Mazda 787B

    Mazda 787B

    As we say, Stig wouldn’t mess about with blah blah blah... 

    Rated: 8

  • Audi Quattro S1 E2

    Audi Quattro S1 E2

    Group B rally cars feature lots in this garage. Stig he like. 

    Rated: 7

Behind the scenes: Stig’s first day at school (series 16, episode 1)

Behind the scenes: Stig's first day at school (series 16, episode 1) Watch now.

Meet our fast-evolving faceless racing driver as it hits Dunsfold for the first time

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Black Stig meets his end on HMS Invincible (series 3, episode 1)

Bye bye, Stig Watch now.

Old Stig drives off the end of HMS Invincible in an XJS. Never to be seen again

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Outtake from the boys' Bentley SS lap (series 15, episode 1)

Bentley SS full lap Watch now.

The fastest Bentley ever – the Continental Supersports – gets put through its paces on our track. Warning: contains vuvuzelas…

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The boys race across London in a car, bike, tube and boat (series 10, episode 5)

London calling Watch now.

James, Richard, Jeremy and Stig race across London in car, bike, tube and boat

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