Subaru Legacy Outback

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Subaru Legacy Outback


Better to drive than an SUV, and able give a decent account of itself when it’s slippy and a bit bumpy. Nice engines, great chassis and lots of kit for the money. The new diesel overcomes the only previous objection: fuel cost.

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  • Avoid all that silly ruggedness of an SUV. This one is more than you need to go as far into the countryside as any sane person ever would
  • Top Gear wildcard

    More fun than a Volvo XC70, cheaper and a lot less snobby than an Audi Allroad

  • Our choice

    Outback 2.0D SE 5d

    Price £30,070

    BHP 150

    LB FT 258

    MPG 44

    CO2 167

    0-62 MPH 9.70

    Top Speed 120

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What is it?

Unlike most Australians, the Legacy looks much better with its Outback hat on. No corks here, just a thoroughly sorted, well-specced estate with SUV creds.


Despite the raised ground clearance and extra roll angles, this thing still handles pretty much like a Subaru. You can feel what the chassis is up to, which is normally just gripping and going neatly round the bend.

An odd mix. The petrol flat-four and flat-six engines are willing and sound great so you don’t mind caning them, but some versions are slow, especially the autos. The diesel flat-four is a unique engine, and we like it. It’s really the only version Subaru is selling these days.

On the inside

Mechanically it’s quiet. Room is OK versus posh German rivals, not so good against the Mondeo and Passat.

As for quality, it depends on how you define it. You get superb longevity and reliability, but many of the cabin materials look and feel cheap.


Go for the diesel to keep running costs and depreciation well down. Otherwise, look forward to sensible costs from well-regarded dealers.

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