A most peculiar portfolio from a brand better known for its motorbikes. But just when you’re tearing your hair out over Suzuki’s ridiculously tarty off-roaders and limp city cars, they give us the Swift – a bloody good hatch. Only snobbery stands in its way – and you could change that if you wanted.  

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  • 3/10
    Suzuki Alto

    £7,199 - £9,599


    A modern and cheap car designed for the 21st century suburbs. Lack of originality and verve mark it down next to rivals that offer a better build quality and equipment for the money.

  • 3/10
    Suzuki Grand Vitara

    £15,995 - £23,875

    Grand Vitara

    The Suzuki Grand Vitara is cheap but not appealing. The three-door doesn’t have many rivals so sort of gets away with it, but the five-door is swamped by better stuff.

  • 1/10
    Suzuki Jimny

    £11,995 - £13,295


    The Suzuki Jimny is a tiny, cheap and rival-free hardcore off-roader. Does what it does quite brilliantly. Does everything else appallingly.

  • 5/10
    Suzuki Splash

    £9,599 - £11,879


    The Suzuki Splash is a lot better than the old Wagon R+, but it’s still an unnecessarily boxy answer to the small-car question.

  • 6/10
    Suzuki Swift

    £10,799 - £13,699


    Small, stylish and unexpectedly entertaining to drive, the Swift is a better car than most people realise.

  • 8/10
    Suzuki Swift Sport


    Swift Sport

    The Swift Sport isn't the most muscular of supermini hot hatches, but smart thinkers will still see the appeal.

  • 4/10
    Suzuki SX4

    £12,595 - £17,699


    Over expensive for what it is, and what’s that exactly? It's at least got friends in this sector now, but it's not enough to save it.

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