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Series 1 Episode 2

The one with A bus jumping some motorbikes

Series 1, Episode 2 (2002)

Our first big stunt – we attempt to clear a line of motorbikes with a double-decker. Clarkson drives a Noble, Richard gets gooey over a MkII Escort and Jay Kay visits us for the first time...

  • /uk/assets/cs/Noble persuit

    TestsJeremy drives the Noble M12 GTO (series 1, episode 2)

    Somehow Brit supercar genius Lee Noble turns out a riotous road-rocket that sounds a bit like Darth Vader. Jeremy uses up all his Star Wars jokes in two laps.

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  • A kick up the RS

    TestsA kick up the RS

    Check out the first ever test of the rally-inspired Ford Focus RS. Jezza takes a trip to deepest Wales, packing nowt but a Subaru Impreza and a Honda Civic Type-R.

  • Hammo’s teen dream

    Other-StuffHammo’s teen dream

    It was only a 1977 Ford Escort RS1800, but to a young Richard Hammond it was love at first sight. You play the psychiatrist as he relives his adolescent crisis.

  • /uk/assets/cs/Jamiriquick

    CelebsJay Kay drives our Reasonably Priced Car (series 1, episode 2)

    Jamiroquai front man and deeply sad car anorak demonstrates his off-stage prowess in a car that costs about a quarter of a mill less than anything he owns.

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  • A bus jumping some motorbikes

    StuntsBus jumping

    He may be one of Evel Knievel’s biggest fans, but Richard Hammond reckons he can outsmart his hero by making the bus jump over the motorbikes. Surely not…

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