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Series 1 Episode 8

The one with Gambon corner

Series 1, Episode 8 (2002)

Michael Gambon nearly rolls our reasonably priced car and renames a corner on the TG track as a result. Lotus builds a Lada, Richard drives some hottish minis and a Maserati gets Stigged…

  • Audi RS6 vs E55 AM

    TestsAudi RS6 vs E55 AMG

    Jeremy goes power mad with the Mercedes E55 AMG and Audi RS6 and still has room for wardrobes. But he’s in for a surprise when he ends up talking to a rock legend.

  • Hammond compares super minis

    TestsHammond’s groupie

    Another severe test for Richard’s powers of staying awake, as he battles to be entertained by a Nissan Micra-led bunch of barely warm superminis. It’s funny.

  • Ford WRC Transit

    TestsWhite van slam

    Forget Lewis Hamilton – it’s the white van drivers who are really Britain’s fastest. Watch as a bunch of van gods shoot it out in a Ford WRC Transit.

  • A Lada Riva by Lotus

    TestsLotus does Lada

    See what happens when we take a viewer’s crappy Lada Riva 1.5E and get the guys from Lotus to turn it into a sharp-handling track-taming stunner. Sort of.

  • /uk/assets/cs/Gambon's corner

    CelebsMichael Gambon christens his corner (series 1, episode 8)

    Share a moment of Top Gear history as the thespian adds a bit of class to our track challenge, and then has that moment we named a whole corner after.

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  • /uk/assets/cs/Maser 3200GT

    StigMaser 3200GT

    Jeremy pours scorn on the latest Italian super coupe, but is it a car so flawed even the Stig can’t make it sing like a bird? Crank up the Perry Como, here he comes.

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