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Series 10 2007

  • Series 10 Episode 1

    The one with The best road in the world

    Most of this one is given up to a directionless search for Europe’s greatest driving road – good job the boys have a Lambo, an Aston and a Gallardo then. Helen Mirren also stars...


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  • Series 10 Episode 2

    The one with The second Channel crossing attempt

    The boys have a second crack at crossing the channel in their amphibious cars, Jools Holland settles into a different kind of rhythm on our track and Jeremy drives Audi's everyday supercar...

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  • Series 10 Episode 3

    The one with The world’s smallest car

    Jeremy hops in the smallest car ever and drives to the office. Literally. We also watch a Lexus crash itself, James tests a Rolls and Richard races a Eurofighter. Best episode ever? Possibly...

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  • Series 10 Episode 4

    The one with The big trip to Africa

    Richard meets Oliver - his beloved Opel that followed him all the way back from Africa. And got restored. The other cars the boys chose for this epic Botswana challenge were less lucky...

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  • Series 10 Episode 5

    The one with The race across London

    The boys find the fastest way across town - and it's worth a look just to see Stig gets on the tube. Jeremy also power tests the firey Caparo and Simon Cowell is again our celeb...


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  • Series 10 Episode 6

    The one with The motorhome racing

    Famous for Richard's mentalist motorhome racing, but this episode also had James racing a very tall bloke, JC closing a massive airport to go sideways and Lawrence Dallaglio...

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  • Series 10 Episode 7

    The one with The crap British Leyland cars

    Remember the one where Richard nearly ran himself over with that old Triumph? And the boys filling those rusty old snotboxes with water? Aston DBS and Jennifer Saunders also star...


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  • Series 10 Episode 8

    The one with Lewis Hamilton

    Richard tries a Formula One car and Lewis Hamilton has a go on our track. One does very well, the other doesn't. Plus, Jeremy is chauffeured by robot and James Blunt is in the studio...


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  • Series 10 Episode 9

    The one with The 24 hour race

    Jeremy and the boys decide they need to burn the biofuel the grew last series, so enter a 24hr race. Fortunately, Stig is around to help. James also races a Fiat 500 against some BMXs...


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  • Series 10 Episode 10

    The one with The supersaloon shootout

    A car we haven't even featured wins our coveted award and David Tennant Doctors our reasonably priced car. Well, ruins the gearbox at least. The boys also test supersaloons in Spain...


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