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Episode 6

The one with Us giving the Germans a kicking

Series 11, Episode 6 (2008)

Our boys take on the presenters of the German Top Gear telly show in a series of challenges and races. Makes you think Faulty Towers could have tried harder with the war jokes.

  • East infection

    East infection

    James tests out a car based on a fish, a snake and Pamela Anderson’s mouth. Also looks at another bizarre Japanese creation that looks a bit like a Rolls Royce, if you really squint at it.

  • Apollo creed

    Apollo creed

    Richard spends a fair amount of time trying to justify the Gumpert Apollo’s ugly-as-sin looks, then realises it’s blisteringly quick around our track. We’ll forgive it then, right?

  • Simon who?

    CelebsSimon who?

    Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay returns for a second go in our reasonably priced car. This time he has just one goal – to beat Simon Cowell and reclaim his top-of-the-table position.

  • TG vs the Germans

    The-Big-FilmsTG vs the Germans

    Germany gets its own version of Top Gear and Jeremy, James and Richard head over their to show their new presenters who’s fastest. This film may contain the odd war joke.

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