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Series 2 2003

  • Series 2 Episode 1

    The one with The ‘Driving God’

    Richard overshadows James May’s first appearance by claiming God-like driving ability – and sets himself up for years of ridicule. Vinnie Jones is our star and Jeremy launches the Love/Hate wall…

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  • Series 2 Episode 2

    The one with The fastest politicians

    We find Britain’s fastest political party, Jeremy rants about the ‘German’ Rolls and Richard drives the Queen’s Rover. Oh, and Jamie Oliver preps a salad while Stig’s at the wheel of his camper…

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  • Series 2 Episode 3

    The one with The supercar world cup

    The boys set up a drag race to find which country makes the fastest supercar and David Soul struggles with our ‘stick shift’ Liana on the track. Jeremy, meanwhile, eats some money...


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  • Series 2 Episode 4

    The one with Jeremy’s big stress test

    Jeremy drives the length of the UK to see whether stress or boredom gets him first. Boris Johnson is our celeb and Stig laps the track in an Aston DB7 and Jaguar XKR-R... 

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  • Series 2 Episode 5

    The one with The car in a kitchen

    Extraordinary nerd builds a car in his kitchen and has to knock down a wall to get it out. Jeremy drives a Clio V6 and a WRC team races some girls getting ready to go out...

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  • Series 2 Episode 6

    The one with The caravan speed record

    Yep, we try to tow a caravan faster than anyone else. Also, Richard does a track day, Stig grapples with some lightweight specials and Jeremy pits an Evo against an Impreza...


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  • Series 2 Episode 7

    The one with The squashed Portakabin

    I predict a riot-control vehicle… and a Portakabin. Richard comes over all destructive while Jeremy tries to squeeze a Hummer through the English countryside. Neil Morrisey is our star…

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  • Series 2 Episode 8

    The one with The camping in cabrios

    James and Richard go sleep under canvas in five cabrios, Jeremy slags off a Nissan, Jodie Kidd is in our reasonably priced car and Darth Vader goes for total domination on our track...

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  • Series 2 Episode 9

    The one with The back seat driver

    Jezza scoffs at the idea of a chauffeured Vauxhall and tries to drive it from the back seat, while Richard ‘rides’ a tilting car/bike thing. Patrick Stewart goes for warp speed on the track...

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  • Series 2 Episode 10

    The one with The Harrier Jump Jet

    Richard chases a jump jet with a TVR, Jeremy steams up the windows on a VW Phaeton and James finds a 1,000bhp Caddy. Rumours that we shot a dog in this episode are false...


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