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Series 2 Episode 1

The one with The ‘Driving God’

Series 2, Episode 1 (2003)

Richard overshadows James May’s first appearance by claiming God-like driving ability – and sets himself up for years of ridicule. Vinnie Jones is our star and Jeremy launches the Love/Hate wall…

  • Smarter or stupider?

    TestsSmarter or stupider?

    Jeremy finds himself quite enjoying Smart’s foray into the world of the speedster, but then gets his knickers in a right old twist over its outrageous price tag.

  • James May’s debut

    Other-StuffJames May’s debut!

    In his first outing James unburdens his soul on the subject of his beloved Bentley and why it has ruined his life. Then he gets a grilling from JC, not for the last time.

  • /uk/assets/cs/Jet Car Nissan

    StuntsHammond incinerates a Nissan Sunny part 1 (series 2, episode 1)

    Our Worst Cars Ever survey honours the Nissan Sunny. Richard sorts it out by getting a jet-engined drag racer and parking the wretched little car right behind it.

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  • /uk/assets/cs/Vinnie Jones

    CelebsVinnie Jones drives our Reasonably Priced Car (series 2, episode 1)

    Hardman reprises his Lock Stock heyday by smashing a stunt head (ie, a melon) in a car door, and then threatens every cowering corner in our Suzuki Liana.

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  • The Top Gear love it hate it wall

    The-NewsLove it, hate it

    Jeremy launches the Love/Hate Wall, but is it a sincere attempt to establish good versus bad or just an excuse for JC to go on endlessly about Kristen Scott-Thomas?

  • /uk/assets/cs/Bowler Wild Car

    Hammond drives the Bowler Wildcat (series 2, episode 1)

    The injudicious moment of over-excitement while driving a Bowler Wildcat which condemned Hammond to a lifetime of merciless piss-taking.

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