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Series 2 Episode 3

The one with The supercar world cup

Series 2, Episode 3 (2003)

The boys set up a drag race to find which country makes the fastest supercar and David Soul struggles with our ‘stick shift’ Liana on the track. Jeremy, meanwhile, eats some money...


  • James May drives a Perodua

    TestsMay drives a Perodua

    Bit of a come-down for our Rolls-fancying newcomer, who finds himself handed one of the crummiest new cars on sale in Britain. And this is only his third episode.

  • /uk/assets/cs/Nitrous Jag

    TestsWhich country makes the best supercar? (series 2, episode 3)

    Valliant attempt to prove conclusively which country lays claim to building the fastest supercar. Italy? Germany? Japan? Or can we fix it so Britain wins?

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  • /uk/assets/cs/BMW Alpina

    TestsJeremy drives the BMW Z8 Alpina (series 2, episode 3)

    Jeremy has a nightmare with the Z8, and while the Stig’s hitting the track in it, there follows a very contrived joke about why the Z8 is like James’s trousers.

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  • /uk/assets/cs/David Soul

    CelebsDavid Soul drives our Reasonably Priced Car (series 2, episode 3)

    Hutch himself brings a touch of classic Americana to the show, even finding time in between breaking Lianas to crash through a big pile of cardboard boxes.

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  • Hyundai beats Lexus

    TestsHyundai beats Lexus

    Richard really hates the ill-conceived SC430, and here seeks to prove how dire it is by getting a Hyundai Coupe and using it to give the Lexus a damn good kicking.

  • Jeremy Clarkson and VW Touareg V10 TDI

    TestsJeremy eats cash

    It’s not that JC doesn’t like the VW Touareg V10 TDI, it’s just that he’d rather eat £50,000 in cash than spend it on this profoundly offensive SUV. He is a bit animated.

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